Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing for exhibitions

Flags, Roller banners, Photocalls, X-banners

gran formato para eventos

Large Format printing for marketing

Tarpaulins, Vinyls, Canvases, Backlite

gran formato publicitario

Large format printing on hard materials

Wood, Cardboard, Foam, Dibond, Glasspack, Backlite

gran formato en soportes rigidos

Large Format Printing outdoors

Outdoor tarpaulins and pole banners

gran formato exterior

The main objective of large format printing is to achieve a positive impact on customers, drawing attention from a distance.

If you want to draw attention to a specific point, printing in large format is the most appropriate because it allows a faster location and at first glance to those who are looking for that location, and at the same time it draws the attention of people who previously They knew I was there.

There are many options to choose from, flexible, rigid, indoor, outdoor, single-use, multi-use, etc. so it is very important to be clear about the final use that will be given to the work, to always use the material that best suits the tastes, needs and technical possibilities of each project.

At IAG we offer a wide range of printing media to decorate or draw attention to your local, point of sale or promotion, and always with the guarantee that you will get the best print quality, an essential requirement to achieve the highest efficiency of the advertising printing

Among the different options of supports and materials that we can offer are tarpaulins, advertising banners, adhesive and cutting vinyls, wood, dibond, foam, textiles, large format paper printing, floor vinyls, etc.

With these materials we can make products such as: Roll-ups, exhibitors, alarm covers, signage of large surfaces, stoppers, airplanes, displays, signage of vehicles, billboards and mupis, shelves strips, rails, coverslarms, exhibitors, etc.

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